About our services
Our coaching will help you approach your issues in an effective way. The objective is for you to learn to accept your new situation and cope with it.
This does not mean we offer clear-cut solutions. We believe that the solution for your issues is within you and that the solution is specific for you. We can help you find that solution.

Our coaching is about you

- Specifically focused on your issues
There is no "average" expatriate.

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All of us have our own ambitions, hopes, worries, ideals, problems and dreams. Our coaching addresses your specific issues; our coaches are trained for that.

- Solution oriented
Targeted at learning how to cope with your situation.

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Our approach to your issues will be solution oriented, not problem oriented. There are many things in life that you cannot change, we want to focus on the things you can change – this is where you will find the solution to your issues.

- Hands-on
Simple and effective ways to work on your issues.

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You will learn how to deal with your issues simply and effectively. We aim to teach you how to help yourself, so that after our sessions you will be able to recognize and solve your own issues.

Our coaching is convenient

- On-line by Skype
Wherever you live, we are available.

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This allows you to be comfortable in familiar surroundings and ensures the discretion you may prefer.

- In your mother tongue

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Although the world is getting smaller and people get better at their second languages, it is always easiest to communicate in your mother tongue. Our coaches are from different countries around the world and speak multiple western languages.

- At a time convenient for you
Your life is busy and filled with obligations and appointments.

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Not only does our online therapy save you travel time, we also offer you flexibility in when you want to talk to us.

How does it work?
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