Challenges for Expatriates
You have made the decision to move abroad and you stand behind it, but sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by its consequences.

You may recognize yourself in the following:

  • The working spouse works long hours and travels a lot, so the trailing spouse is alone most of the time.
  • Your social network is made up of (spouses of) colleagues
  • You have to find out how the country really works: housing, utilities, schools
  • You are not familiar with the language and habits of the country
  • You miss your family and friends but it is difficult to explain your issues to them; in their eyes you have a great life full of luxury and excitement and you have nothing to complain about
  • If you're a trailing spouse, you may not have a job which reduces your confidence and you need to find a new goal in life

How other expatriates experience this.

These challenges can cause problems that are very common among expatriates: relationship problems, loss of confidence, mood swings, home sickness, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders etc.

We offer coaching to help you prevent these problems from developing or to help you overcome these problems by learning you how to cope with your new situation.

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