About WorldSupport

Since 2004, WorldSupport supports companies in managing their workforce’s mental wellbeing through online and onsite Psychology Solutions.

Our History
Our Founder Annelies Overbeek is a healthcare psychologist specialized in the psychological aspects of expatriation. While she lived in the Ivory Coast during the civil war in the early 2000’s, she worked as a psychologist supporting multinational companies. When the civil war escalated, she and her family were evacuated from the country and returned to Amsterdam.

With her clients spread around the world, she started her online psychology career by founding WorldSupport which offers online coaching and psychological help for expatriates.

Since then WorldSupport has grown and developed. The increased demand for expatriation support, for post-incident support as well as the increased awareness of the risks of mental injury and illness, have led to an increased demand of our services.

Annelies Overbeek
Founder of WorldSupport

Commitment to Quality
WorldSupport is committed to delivering psychological and coaching support of the highest quality. In our line of business, this means we only use highly qualified and experienced psychologists. All our psychologists lived, studied or worked abroad as expatriates. Our staff are fluent in multiple languages to ensure an increased ease of use of our services. If required, we can offer Hipaa-compliant means of communication.


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