Welcome to WorldSupport - Corporate

Since 2004, WorldSupport supports companies in managing their workforce's mental wellbeing through online and onsite Psychology Solutions.

- Online psychological support and coaching
- Stress management, burn-out prevention and return-to-work
- Post-incident and post-traumatic stress support
- Workplace psychosocial quick-scan and prevention planning

What we can do for you
For your employees, this means discrete and solution-oriented support. Easy access from anywhere at flexible times and in multiple languages.

For your management, our transparent, result-driven and non-disruptive services are designed to help improve productivity and business continuity.

For your company, your duty of care towards your employees is a priority. We provide insight into rules and regulations (e.g. OSHA, UK-HSE, EU) and can help with their interpretation and implementation.

Contact us to discuss how WorldSupport can add value to your organisation.

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