Psychology at Work

Risk of Mental Illnes and Injury

Stress and psychological issues significantly impact your business continuity through reduced productivity, absenteeism and increased staff attrition. Stress-induced loss of concentration and motivation causes operational, quality and safety risks. Mental instability increases the occurrence of substance abuse and aggression incidents.

WorldSupport helps companies whose workforce is exposed to a heightened risk of mental illnes or injury.
- High-performance environments with tight deadlines
- Shift or rotational work
- Expatriation
- Remote sites
- Political or security risk
- Safety incidents
- Organizational change
- Aggressive customers

WorldSupport can help

We offer preventive and corrective psyhological support and coaching, as well as population monitoring.

Governments around the world have developed frameworks and approaches to address work-related stress. WorldSupport can help you in interpreting UK-HSE, OSHA, EU and other frameworks.

Is your staff at risk? Ask WorldSupport about our Workplace Psychosocial Quick-scan.

Existing Employee Assistance Programme? We can work with your provider to enhance your EAP.

Contact us to discuss how WorldSupport can add value to your organisation.


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