Psychosocial Quick Scan

Management Standards - UK-HSE
In 2007, the UK – HSE has introduced it’s Management Standards to help employers, employees and their representatives to manage and reduce the levels of work-related stress. These standards refer to good management practice with regard to six main psychosocial risks in the workplace, i.e. job demands, control, support from management and peers, relationships at work, clarity of role and organizational change.

Additional risks of non-standard work environments
From our extensive experience in dealing with workplace issues in non-standard working environments, WorldSupport knows and understands the additional risk factors that play a role in your industry, and the increased risk to your employees mental wellbeing.


Psychosocial Quick-Scan
WorldSupport has used the UK-HSE Management Standards as the basis for the Psychosocial Quick-scan (PQS).

We have then enhanced the common methodology to take into account the specific riskfactors of your industry.

The outcome of the Psychosocial Quick-Scan (PQS) is a comprehensive evaluation of the risks at your worksite. Based on this outcome, WorldSupport can suggest an appropriate way to mitgate these risks, to monitor mental wellbeing of your population and to provide support where needed.



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