Expatriate Spouses

Expatriation means leaving behind your home, your relatives, your friends and probably your career. You are expected to build a new life for your family and yourself in a new country.

Often your spouse’s career is the reason to move, but don’t forget: you are the one willing to take up the challenge and support your spouse. You may see it as an opportunity to improve your quality of life and to experience new cultures.

You have made that decision and you stand behind it, but sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by its consequences. You may feel alone and vulnerable, a common problem for expatriate spouses.

Who you are? You are one of the tens of thousands of expatriate spouses who are making the best of their expatriation. You are unique with your own talents, qualities, ambitions, hopes and dreams. But you are not alone in the challenges that you face.
Listen to expatriate spouses who share their experiences.

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